Foot Indicators

Reveal foot problems before they occur

The SpectraSole company develops and delivers products for early indication of diabetes related foot problems. The main product is SpectraSole Pro 1000 for professional use by podiatrists and physicians. It is designed as a plate on which the patient stands for about one minute, after which a colour pattern indicates deviations between the feet. Such deviations are caused by local temperature differences reflecting inflammatory processes, preceeding foot ulcers.

Foot problems are among the most frequent and severe complications of diabetes, too often resulting in amputation of a foot or a leg due to foot ulcers, which have never healed. The reason for the sverity is a combined effect of the lack of sense in perifery parts of the body (neuropathy) and reduced healing capability, due to poor capillary blood flow (micro angiopathy).

Recommended measures when early foot ulcer signes are detected, are change of shoes, to let the feet rest (reduced walking until improvements are confirmed) or in severe cases unloading of the area in question by different kinds of bandages or plaster. Last but not least it is important with continuous observation by means of SpectraSole Pro 1000 or a handheld IR thermometer.